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Geschenk des Monats Juli 2017:
Möbius Schal Moon Shadow

Zu jeder Bestellung, die im Juli bei uns eingeht und einen Warenwert von 30€ erreicht hat,
gibt es diese tolle Anleitung im Wert von 3,95€ als Geschenk oben drauf!!!
Sie erhalten die Anleitung umgehend nach dem Kauf als Download an Ihre hinterlegte email Adresse !

I want to introduce myself:

My name is Ramona Pall (Lady Dee) and have as long as I can remember, a great passion for wool and has everything to do with handicrafts.

By the time my woolen stocks have become more extensive. This I could not even use up to two lives. So I started to break down a little the stock and sold on Ebay. Over the years I made the so much fun that I designed their own creations, and these also sold successfully.

Meanwhile, I no longer alone make it and now I have to get support from Armin Burbach.

We share a love for the color and we are tirelessly to find new combinations again and again in our small craft business.